More than 70 million downloads in the global mainstream market
Ranking first in the vertical category in terms of downloads as well as the number of daily active users
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PoseidonJoy is a global game publishing team focusing on casual games with core members having considerable experience in product optimizing and monetizing through advertisements. Hence we help developers create fun casual games as well as expanding your business globally .

Our Ability

  • Marketing to Global Users

    Our marketing team has considerable experience and media resources, thus creating high quality marketing material for your game to gain more overseas users.

  • Improvements to Game Design

    Based on the data and experience gained from practice, our product team will continue to assist developers in optimizing game data, thus prolonging the life cycle of the game.

  • Product Monetization Optimization

    We adopt our own in-house mediation which has a superior ability to keep up with traffic management and traffic distribution. Accordingly, we can iterate out better monetization strategies.

  • Data Analysis Ability

    We construct a complete BI system from marketing to monetization to help you target the highest quality market groups for your game.

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